Our philosophy:

tradition and innovation

Chic coffee, for everyone.


Our coffee roasting tradition started in 1997.

We had the rare opportunity to learning the secrets of this fine art from some of the most famous Italian old roasting masters. We are still roasting in-house using the ancient experience and knowledge.


Then, we mixed this tradition with the innovation of industrial production: we rely on the cutting edge technology of coffee machinery.

Again, in order to keep an eye and to take care of every single phase of the process, we prefer to do everything in-house: from grinding to packing, not a single gram of coffee is out of control.

We strongly believe this is the only way to guarantee an excellent coffee.


Then we decided to lift the game to the upper level: this is when Liolà project was born.

We spent nearly 2 years in researching the highest quality green coffees of the world, and we carefully tested different ways to roast them.

We were looking for perfection, and we didn't want to stop until we reached our goal.

That day has come, and now we can finally say: we got it!


Because your time is precious, and in order to respect it we want to deliver you the most unique coffee experience.



3 things we are good at




innovation is in our DNA: we always work on R&D, to proudly offer you some coffee specialities which are unique in the world (patent pending). By the way, this will help you a lot in your business. 



we are crazy for quality, maniacs of process control. We select only the best of the best green coffees of the world, and we treat them with love, for you pleasure.



we offer our customersthe best possible service, whether we are serving an importer, a distributor, a gourmet shop, or a restaurant & hotel. Because your time is precious.




3 special coffee lines




Can't wait to find out what we patented? The long queue at our booth at HOST Fair - Milan 2015 could taste our novelties. Discover the unique taste of our special coffees with Chardonnay marc etc.



we personally select the best green coffees of the world, and we roast them one-by-one, respecting its individual timing and temperature. Every coffee has its pesonality, specially if you drink it pure.



Making a blend is everytime a challange: coffee is "alive", organic, and it is never the same as previous year. We adjust the recepie accordingly, to give you always the taste you like most.


Catalog download:
Liolà - Exclusive Italian Coffee - catalog 2016
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