This Premium coffee selection is the result of our hard work.
17 years of experience, dozens of people involved in the selections (and some new friends too we met on the way),  many month of research and selection (and a bit of fun), hundreds of coffee cups tasted... and here we are.
We are glad to introduce you one of the finest coffee selections you have ever tasted. Enjoy Premium !


Single Origins Arabica


Please, don't call them blends!

Each of these coffees comes from just 1 country, from just 1 area, from just 1 farmer, just from 1 plantation.

No matter if you are a coffee lover or a coffee expert: this is the best way to deeply enjoy all the flavours and scents of a specific plant of coffee, without mixing its peculiarities with anything else.


01 - Allegro


Round taste, smooth and sophisticated taste.


Soft, floral, sweet and delicate taste, with peaks of hazelnut. Aftertaste of caramel and chocolate, it delights the senses and the palate.


100% ARABICA single origin: BRAZIL Santos Guaxupe Dulce




02 - Tenuto


Squared taste, scent of tobacco and roses.


Ancient scent of tobacco, vanilla, and endless spaces. Slightly and pleasantly acidic, with a palatable hint of bitterness. Aftertaste hay like.


100% ARABICA single origin: ETHIOPIA Sidamo




03 - Adagio


Sharp taste, strong and bitter.


Wild herbaceous aroma, acid and strong, for determined and demanding palates. Aftertaste of toasted bread and dried citrus. A special and unmistakable coffee, for those looking for a taste that can still surprise.


100% ARABICA single origin: COLOMBIA Medellin Supremo





Decaffeinated blend


Even our decaffeinated is a special coffee:

special because special is the raw material, a unique Arabica of superior quality with a touch of one of the best Robusta ever;

special because special is the steam treatement we use to respecting the coffee green beans while gently takeing the caffeine away.


04 - Moderato



 White taste, delicate and chic, honey scent.


Blend of South America’s Arabicas with notes of superior Indies’ Robustas, with a delicate and enfolding flavor. The special and healthy steam treatment removes caffeine and enhances the aromas of flowers and honey.





100% Arabica blends


Our blends are famous for being delicate and very well balanced.

Each time we roast and grind our Arabica blends, we smell a kind of magic in the air... and we hope you will feel the same once you open the pack to prepare the good coffee you deserve.


05 - Vivo


Involving taste, sweet and sophisticated.


Harmonious balance of structure and aromas, with hints of bread, honey and chocolate.

Full and satisfying aftertaste, with bright colors.


100% ARABICA blend




06 - Andante


Articulated taste, balanced personality.


Smooth taste, fruity and fragrant. Arabicas blend with a strong personality, fragrances of vanilla and citrus, lively and persistent aftertaste.


100% ARABICA blend





Arabica & Robusta blends


The art of make extraordinary even the ordinary.

In the market you can find plenty of Arabica Robusta blends, and so it was even more challenging to find something that might distinguish significantly from the all the rest... and at the end we did it!


07 - Vivace


Masculine taste, strong and yet gentle..


Blend of South America’s Arabicas with notes of superior Indies’ Robustas. Sweet taste, aromas of chocolate and moss, with a unique and deep balance.






08 - Largo


Black taste, strong and durable..


South America’s Arabicas blended with superior Indies’ Robusta. Bound and aromatic flavor, memorable strength and structure, elegant spicy scent with a hat of creaminess.







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