Why women portraits?


We believe that a picture of a coffee bean it's "cold", and it cannot express and transfer to you any feeling. Only a woman can give you emotions. A woman is a concentrate of all the energy of the universe. We love and respect women, and we know that only a woman's portrait can give you the idea of the harmony of a really good coffee that can warm your heart.


Why single origins?


We like the idea of serving a demanding customer. Demanding customers know what they want, and they want quality only. That's why we are not only serving you premium blends, but single origins too.

In a single origin coffee you can taste exactly the flavors, scents and emotions of that specific plant of coffee, without any interference. That is the best way to get what you want.


Are single origins so different from each other? Why?


Just remember that coffee drink comes from a coffee plant, just like wine comes from grape.

You know everything about grape: they are completely different according to where they come from, if it's red or white grape, how much water and sun they get during their life, and so on.

In coffee is the same: Robusta plant is so different from Arabica's (the most precious) as much as red grape is different from white grape.

And among all the Arabicas (or Robustas) there are so many factors that can make the difference: type of plant, altitude, quantity of water and sun, place where they grow, etc. 

The result is that you can appreciate these differences in taste, and you are finally free to choosing which coffee drink better suites your palate.



Can I order coffee for my home / office? And for my bar / restaurant / hotel?


Yes. You can order coffee for whatever use you like.  We are able to provide you coffee in any format and size, so that we will always meet your needs.


Do you have just grains, or also coffee pods and capsules?


We have everything you need, from grain to ground coffee to mono dose.

In fact we have also:

- standard coffee pods (paper pods ESE 44)

- capsules Lavazza compatibles (Espresso Point)

- capsules Nespresso compatibles


I already have a Lavazza/Nespresso coffee machine at home/office: can I use it with your capsules?


Yes you can. If you have a Lavazza (Espresso Point) or Nespresso coffee machine, you can buy Liolà caps and use it with no worries. If someone tells you that it is not possible, that you will spoil the machine etc. just remember that there is a commercial reason behind for them to saying it. If the machine is in good conditions and you do the regular maintenance, nothing bad will happen to it. And you will be finally free to enjoy your best coffee ever.


Can I  keep my existing coffee supplier, just integrating Liolà?


Yes you can. If you already have a coffee supplier for your restaurant/hotel, you can keep it (for example, you can use it for peak needs such as breakfast time). You can then add Liolà coffee for your restaurant or lounge, if you want to offer your customers the possibility to order coffee "a la carte".



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