The Smallest Coffee Bar.

...and yes: it's FOLDABLE!


The concept is a revolutionary street bar made Foldable.


When it's open, it looks gorgeous, thanks to its rain roof with logo, 4 wheels, manual handle, side tables, and battery powered coffee machine.


Strong: can carry 600Kg+

Light: full structure weights 20Kg only

Fittings: can fit up to 4 coffee machines, or any other appliance you'd like to customized it with

Battery powered: coffee machines is battery operated, and can last all day long serving more than 3-400 coffees




When folded, it fits in any car's boot


For the first time, you can bring your own bar into your car, and take it anywhere you want to go to.


Forget all standard street-food's vehicles like trucks, trikes, or heavy carts. With MiniMobar, you can easily move your business where customers are.


Small: can fit into your car boot

Fast: you can empty MinimoBar from all your stuff and fold it completely in just 15minutes

Economic: since it's not expensive, you can hire more people working with and expand your business faster

Eco friendly: no need for engine, generator, or gas power. Everything works with fast recharging, long lasting, new generation batteries




Liolà - Caffè & Vinina

via S. Tiziano 8

San Vendemiano (TV)

31020 ITALY


Tel. (+39) 339 23 23 000


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Liolà Srl unip. - Exclusive Coffee & Vinina - via S. Tiziano 8 San Vendemiano (TV) 31020 ITALY - Sede legale: via M. Piovesana 13/M Conegliano (TV) 31015 ITALY cap.soc. Euro 20.000,00 i.v. - P.IVA 04754520262 -